Mixed Media

‘’What makes me vibrate is the work that has not yet been created and that struggles to be revealed.’’

Annie Labbé is born and lives in Québec, Canada. In 2003, she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New media from Université Laval, Québec, Canada. After experimenting with many mediums including drawing, installation, sculpture and photography, the artist discovered that painting was her true passion. She is represented by art galleries since 2007.  Since 10 years, sold and shipped all around the world, her creation grown and took different directions. The Architecture series is one who get request from international collectors.  This series was born after the Lego invasion in her home. To be exposed everyday to those primary colors everywhere in the house, and the possibility to create an infinite world the Lego gives, strange forms come to life on her canvas, exploring the labyrinth effect. Each form are created in the idea of a unique world, showing different architecture details (plan, stairs…) and are connected with the representation of human mind. All those boxes connect to each other in a irregular pattern, much like a human brain or the different streets in a city.