“Art is the definition of infinity and through my creative work I represent the continuous transmutation of the evolving essence of our daily life.”

I am a self-taught artist with a BA, MA and PhD in economic sciences. I live art as a parenthesis of freedom, a moment in which to give life to my fantasy world and move freely into it. Nature plays a lead role as inspiring muse even when I make portraits. I “steal” from nature all the elements from bright colors to reflection of lights to put in my compositions. I depict the features of a face inspired by the shape of the flowers and the shadows they create. A green forest, bright red, deep blue mixes with glitter to create the play of light and to add texture to the image. I also use organic materials such as sand, petals, copper, creating a dream world in which female figures take on the appearance of fairies. A vision or even a word becomes fascination which turns into color and shadows which tell a new story in this dimension of infinity. My compositions hang in private and corporate locations in various countries. I enjoy donating my work to charity foundations for fund-raising purposes. Since 2016 I participated in 13 international group exhibitions and my work was published in prestigious art magazines.