Carol Brooks Parker

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Carol Brooks Parker has been intrigued by photography her entire life, but it wasn’t until she and her husband acquired a sailboat and started to cruise the South Pacific that she began to seriously use the camera to capture and re-interpret the world around her. Her stated goal is to produce works that project a painterly, rather than photographic, aura. Utilizing refined compositions, with a strong eye for color, gesture, and texture, she captures images that she further develops using digital technology to reflect her personal vision of the subject matter. Carol lives near Tucson, Arizona, where she also raises horses destined for show jumping competition. When home from the sea, she concentrates on nature, wildlife, and equestrian subjects. Her award-winning images have been represented by fine art galleries in New York and Florida, and have appeared in exhibitions across the country including the San Diego Museum of Natural History and the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art. She is a Sony Imaging Pro member and a professional member of the Equine Photographers Network. She displays her work in a unique mobile showroom open by appointment at her residence in Arizona.…

Annie Labbe

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Annie Labbé was born and lives in Québec, Canada. In 2003, she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New media from Université Laval, Québec, Canada. After experimenting with many mediums including drawing, installation, sculpture and photography, the artist discovered that painting was her true passion.

This series was born after the Lego invasion in her home. To be exposed everyday to those primary colors everywhere in the house, and the possibility to create an infinite world the Lego gives, strange forms come to life on her canvas, exploring the labyrinth effect. Each form are created in the idea of a unique world, showing different architecture details (plan, stairs…) and are connected with the representation of human mind. All those boxes connect to each other in a irregular pattern, much like a human brain or the different streets in a city.

Rafael Vera

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Rafael Vera was born in Venezuela. He completed his Business degree at Universidad Metropolitana. The early stages of his professional life were developed in the fields of management. Rafael always had attraction and special interest for architecture and the arts in general. He moved to Miami, and it is there where he begins to focus on his artistic concerns by studying and rehearsing with different materials. He completed his Fine Woodworking studies. He began in the creation of structures for the construction, then in the design and elaboration of functional furniture. All this ended up evolving in the use of wood and industrial materials for the conjugation of forms and textures in works of art. Rafael does not like labels, however, he claims to be identified with minimalist movement and tendencies, always seeking in simplicity an almost perfect balance between space and form. Both monochrome works and those with variations of colors seek to create a synergy between lights and shadows where the three-dimensional shape and reliefs converge visually to achieve harmony. Rafael insists that his work has nothing hidden, is what is observed. It seeks to offer spaces that allow the viewer to experience feelings of peace and serenity.

Kathryn Neale

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Kathryn Neale is an award-winning painter who lives and works in St. Louis. She primarily works in acrylics but also experiments in multi-media, collage, and chalk paints on a variety of surfaces. Her visual inspiration is sourced from the interior design and home decorating industries, specifically traditional floral wallpaper and textile patterns from the UK/Europe. Color is also another important aspect of her work, primarily drawing from pre-mixed palette swatches from hardware stores. In the past, Kathryn has also been a graphic designer and this design tradition has certainly been consistent influence in all of her work. The attraction to patterns and graphic elements is inspired by a sense of structure that plays against the way she paints, a fast and undetermined process, which is inherently intuitive and spontaneous. Kathryn’s artwork has been widely exhibited throughout the United States in galleries, museums, and hotels. She is also featured in many private collections and in publications including Manifest 6th International Painting Annual, Studio Visit Magazine, Creative Quarterly, and New American Paintings annual publication. Aside from making art, she is a mom to her 4 year old son and a part-time yoga instructor.

Gustavo Fernandez

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Born in Caracas, Venezuela in September 1973, Gustavo studied graphic design at Caracas Design Institute. Although his artistic career started a bit more than 20 years ago, drawing was his main passion from a very young age. He is fully dedicated to the arts since 1995. Gustavo blends prowess a fine chromatic use with the application of relief and textures. This offers the viewer an attractive, positive and sometimes tri-dimensional visual experience. Gustavo’s talent lies precisely in reinventing his work and always seeking to push all limits, without indulging in excess, while maintaining an almost spiritual harmony. A visual experience full of images, messages and symbols that go beyond color. Fernandez defined himself as “The artwork that never ends”

Gaston Locklear

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Gaston Locklear grew up in Garden City Beach, SC. He received his B.A. in graphic design with a minor in fine art from the University of South Carolina. Growing up at the beach, the ocean dominated his life and his work, with the subject matter of his paintings almost always pertaining to the sea in some shape or form. His paintings have evolved from realism to contemporary and currently border on the abstract.

Artblend Gallery, Julianne Gross, Adiministrator

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Julianne Gross was born and raised in Florida. Her passion for creativity translates into all aspects of her life. Beginning with high school, she was a Senior Staff Writer for her school newspaper, Assistant News Editor and Website Editor. To her credit she has won first place in the Broward County Literary Fair in the category of Short Story. Currently a freshman at Florida Atlantic University, she is majoring in English. Her dream career is to become a full time professional author. She has recently finished her first teenage novel and it’s on the way to becoming published.

Artblend Gallery, Daniela Reyes, Assistant

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Daniela Reyes is a South Florida native, and a graduate of The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, with Bachelors in Illustration. Daniela achieved high honors, and top recognition by winning “Best Portfolio” in her graduating class of 2014. She has an innate talent for fine art, illustration, and creative design. Specializing in traditional and digital mediums, her work is a survey of children’s book illustrations, animal illustrations, character concept development, and realism. In her art and career, Daniela demonstrates the desire to do quality work, and present herself in a professional demeanor.

Welcome To Artblend

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Artists Welcome

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, we are Elaine and Michael Joseph, owners of Artblend. We have been life partners and best friends for over 30 years.

Artblend is a 6200 sq. ft. store-front business located in Fort Lauderdale, offering gallery representation, art book artist profiles, and art fair exhibitions to artists from around the world.

Our company is designed to bring artists vast exposure, and to attract art buyers. We have developed a strategy and concept, proven by the success of Michael Joseph Photography.                         

Artblend employs a team of award-winning, and knowledgeable individuals. We are very well organized, and work with a sense of urgency. Of course, as the owners, we will always remain accessible to you if you have any questions or concerns.

Since the opening of our doors over a decade ago, we continue to share with our community, build lasting relationships, benefit charities, and to support the arts globally.

We look forward to working with you!

Miami Spectrum 2017

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Spectrum Miami Dec 6-10, 2017

A Five-Day Fine Art Experience In The Heart of Miami


We return to the largest art fair in the USA with one of the largest boots in the show, located at center court of the pavilion. Our booth space is nearly 1200 square feet. The art show sold out very quickly last year and we are currently accepting applications from artists wanting to exhibit with us. Do not delay, contact us today for further details.


Wednesday, December 6 | 6:00PM – 10:00PM


Thursday, December 7 | 1:00PM – 9:00PM

Friday, December 8 | 1:00PM – 10:00PM

Saturday, December 9 | 1:00PM – 9:00PM

Sunday, December 10 | 12:00PM – 5:00PM