“I have been painting for a long time, I have been rocking for almost as long.”

Commander Cody has been making music for decades. He and his Lost Planet Airmen were at the crux of the American Roots Music movement and made the Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of 100 top bands of all time. But past the boogie-woogie, swing and rock is another side of “the old Commander” – George Frayne; the visual artist. He earned masters degree in sculpture and painting from the University of Michigan. His art has been shown from London to Tokyo, and in museums including The Museum of Natural History, the Saratoga Auto Museum and at the Directors Guild in Hollywood. He has been published numerous times in books such as Starmaking Machinery, Musicians as Artists and Rockin Garages. In Starart he is featured with Joni Mitchell, Ron Wood, Klaus Voorman and others. Recently, George has published his own table top art book called “Art Music and Life”. His quote from the cover says it well; “I have been painting for a long time. I have been rocking for almost as long. The tales of these adventures in both cases run together and in some cases intersect. Here are the stories of these moments.”


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