“Life is a journey that comes full circle.”

Born in Chicago, Gregory started his informal art training at a very young age. Blessed with many great teachers and opportunities to travel Europe, his skills were honed. He graduated from Illinois State University with a Masters of Art in 1981, and thus began his professional career. For the past 40 years, Gregory sculpted everyday contemporary life, depicting the “sort of soup we live in”. Having created a body of nearly a thousand works, Gregory’s art touches tens of thousands of lives each day. His contemporary sculpture is now evolving as pristine geometry alive with reflections. Inspiration comes from everywhere- the forces of nature, the pathways of life, or emotions of our humanity. For the artist, the circle is a thematic symbol because it is one elegant line with no beginning, middle or end, and is ever-present in our lives and landscape. Often, his works take on a look of portal or window. Where you stand frames what you see- whether blue skies, distant buildings or expressways. The works encourage you to see the space between the shapes, rather than simply the shape itself.