Rafael Vera

By October 13, 2017 Uncategorized

Rafael Vera was born in Venezuela. He completed his Business degree at Universidad Metropolitana. The early stages of his professional life were developed in the fields of management. Rafael always had attraction and special interest for architecture and the arts in general. He moved to Miami, and it is there where he begins to focus on his artistic concerns by studying and rehearsing with different materials. He completed his Fine Woodworking studies. He began in the creation of structures for the construction, then in the design and elaboration of functional furniture. All this ended up evolving in the use of wood and industrial materials for the conjugation of forms and textures in works of art. Rafael does not like labels, however, he claims to be identified with minimalist movement and tendencies, always seeking in simplicity an almost perfect balance between space and form. Both monochrome works and those with variations of colors seek to create a synergy between lights and shadows where the three-dimensional shape and reliefs converge visually to achieve harmony. Rafael insists that his work has nothing hidden, is what is observed. It seeks to offer spaces that allow the viewer to experience feelings of peace and serenity. https://artblend.com/rafael-vera/