“An uncanny correlation between what is represented and the material process.”

Rob Lang has scoured harbors around the world – on the eastern seaboard, in Greece, in the post-Katrina wreckage of New Orleans – capturing the elusive beauty of the undersides of boats. The photographs that make up his Hidden Voyage Project capture the beauty and decay of time’s effect on these mysterious hulls; cropping all contextual visual information that anchors the hulls to their actual function, Lang extracts phenomenal pictures from their worn surfaces.

These are photographs of what lie hidden and dark in cool waters, to emerge occasionally into the light of day, fully revealed only by Lang’s camera. Pictorial kin to abstract expressionism, in Lang’s photographs one recognizes motifs developed by painters Clyfford Still, Barnett Newman, and Mark Rothko, or their contemporaries Aaron Siskind and Minor White.


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