Mixed Media

“Photorealist renditions to similarly large color field explorations.”

Over the last thirty years and countless exhibitions, my paintings have evolved from large scale Photorealist renditions to similarly large color field explorations to my latest interest in combining text with expressionistic art. For me, these works are highly charged with personal feelings about the relationships and experiences of my life. It is part of a game I have set up as well. Although I reveal quite a lot in these abstract pieces, there is an intentional obfuscation of my words forcing the viewer to examine these paintings with a bit more time to uncover these emotional truths. I enjoy the idea of “reading” the formal elements of my work i.e., the color, the brushstroke, the framing as compared to the way one usually reads text to be informed and interpreted. It is an interesting interaction between the two components. Similarly in play I try to break convention by the way I apply paint or the deconstruction of my frames. I hope the experience for the viewer is as rich for them as it has been for me.