“A painting by Serge Gauya is never static. It’s a creative frenzy where colour falls like a jet of light.”

Serge Gauya is a Swiss artist who from a young age has always been attracted to the arts, especially music and painting. Until 2012 Serge focused his work mainly on music, and he won two Awards in the US in 2008 in Miami, and in 2014 in Houston. Throughout his musical career Serge always felt the need to paint and draw. In recent years, Serge’s work has been exhibited by prestigious galleries and presented in several shows around the world in particular: Miami, Tokyo, Paris (Louvre Museum), Naples, Helsinki, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Munich, Cairo, Kuwait City, Pisa, Vienna (MAMAG Museum), Cannes, San Diego, Montreux, Asunción (Paraguay), Leukerbad, Oxford, and New York (United Nations headquarters). Serge Gauya has officially represented several times Swiss contemporary art in particular in Kuwait (2012), in Asunción (Paraguay; 2014) and in Cairo (Egypt) in 2016.