“Let my art find a place in your heart.”

Sheetal Shaw is an Indian-born American visual artist and designer who infuses personal narratives and cultural memories in her sculptures and paintings. Sheetal has a Bachelor of Arts from University of New Delhi. In 1999 she moved to America and subsequently earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University. Psychology, applied arts, geography and nature influence Sheetal’s work either directly or indirectly. Sheetal uses laser-cut acrylic templates to draw outlines of a Boteh shape on to a canvas. Once she completes drawing the outlines with an archival black marker, she shifts her focus to selecting a color scheme for the piece. Analogous, warm, cool, contrasting, and monochromatic are some of the color choices she has been exploring since 2017. When all the colors have been filled in, she reworks the black outlines with paint to make them crisp and prevent smudging or fraying of edges as much as possible. All of Sheetal’s pieces feature metallics–gold, silver, bronze and copper. Her work has been exhibited all across the United States and abroad.