“I can show people something mundane in a whole new light.”

I grew up and currently still live in the quaint New England town of Westerly, Rhode Island. I enjoy being outdoors and my passion for photography has provided me the opportunity to combine it with my recreational hobbies; motocross and four wheeling with my custom-modified Jeep. I am a self-taught photographer and I continue to work with my first camera, a Canon EOS 30D I purchased eight years ago. I’ve never been good with words or communicating my thoughts and feelings. Photography has provided me a wonderful way of expressing myself. More than anything else at the moment, I find photographing flowers as a very interesting subject. I relate it to my philosophy that “Life is like a flower” – it is so precious and beautiful, but it doesn’t last long. Cherish what you have, someday you will be gone. However, what shall remain are the photographs and memories.

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