“I’m touching the light for the love of the shadows. Painting realistically in a minimalist way and approaching colors monochromatically.”

Yochi was born in Poland, raised in Israel and received her BFA in sculpture and painting from the Academy of Arts “Brera” in Milan, Italy. Her artwork has been exhibited in museums and art galleries and she has participated in art events in Italy, Israel and in the United States. She also featured in various private collections around the world. A few years ago she established her studio in South Florida. She usually works in series creating more than one version of her subjects. In her artwork she is using traditional as well as mixed media techniques. In her paintings she applies thin layers of oil colors creating the “texture” and a vibrating emptiness in the background. She studies how the warm light plays across and gives depth, volume and definition to her subjects. She treats each of her subjects as a portrait, she positions them, picks the angle, illuminates them underlining their characteristic. They represent some part of her and her story and reflect her voice and unique point of view.