“My goal is to achieve four principles; color, balance, texture and movement in every painting.”

Jim Loizes (Zmakey) currently is residing in Pittsburgh, PA. I always sign my work Zmakey which is Greek for Jimmy. As a boy my grandmother called me Zmakey and every time she saw me, she would say “bravo, Zmakey,” so the name has great sentimental meaning to me.

I am a mixed media painter however my preference is to work with acrylics. Abstract art is my passion and I love to use wonderful color in combination with interesting shapes to express a feeling or to make a statement. Often it is to just paint images that are pleasing yet still abstract.

I learned my craft in college many years ago and have never stopped painting. Since then I have had several careers and have owned a few companies, but I have always identified myself as an artist. I’ve done many paintings since then. Most of my art is contemporary, abstract and non-objective. I always know what message I intend to convey when I finish a painting, but it’s interesting to hear what others see in it or what their interpretation of it is.

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